Edge Gateways

Add cloud-based device management to Dell Edge Gateways in your IoT solution

Effortless, secure, always available management for your Dell Wyse clients

Edge Gateway Manager for Edge Gateways allows IT to deploy, group, and securely manage these devices regardless of their physical location (i.e head quarters, branch offices, remote sites like manufaturing plants etc..). Edge Gateway Manager provides the quickest path to productivity with no management software to install on-premise or maintain and automatic access to the latest functionality from the cloud. The powerful push notification framework coupled with OS and application imaging functionality allows Edge Gateway Manager to deploy and manage OS images, updates, applications (via the various application stores like the Ubuntu Snappy store) to devices seamlessly.

GUI-driven configurations and ‘exception-handling’

  • Simple, gui-based configuration for most commonly used settings
  • Modify settings at global, per group, or per device level for utmost flexibility
  • Always have insight into the final aggregated policy for each device and where that setting was defined

Simplified device registration and grouping

  • Simply create a group and assign it a unique registration key
  • Enter unique key into the USB thumb drive thats used for registration for instant OTA registration

Advanced insight into Edge Gateways

  • Know detailed inventory of the gateways
  • Configure the device and BIOS settings

Highlights of using Edge Gateway Manager

  • Access to admin console from any web browser with internet connectivity

  • No on-premise management software to install or maintain

  • Push-based notifications to instantly update devices even if behind a firewall

  • Role-based administration for full, read-only, or custom privileges

  • All communication secured with SSL

  • Historical event, alert, and audit trail provide insight into all changes

  • Secure login with two factor authentication against local account or against Active directory based on SAML 2.0